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Q. Why should I hire Monarch Financial?
A. Our experience, our creativity and just plan hard work is second to none. We go overboard to bring you the results.
Besides, we give you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in writing. No other tax firm will do that.

Q. Why don’t I resolve my tax problem without professional help?
A. We simply don’t think it wise to take on the largest collection agency in the world without experienced professional help.

Q. What are my chances on settling for pennies on the dollar?
A. It all depends on your income, assets and ability to pay. We will be glad to assess your situation for free and see what
kind of savings you may qualify for.

Q. How do I know which tax firm to choose?
A. There is no easy answer to this question, but perhaps these points will help:
Did you learn something during your initial consultation?
Did they listen to you or talk at you?
Was their fee secondary to their desire to finding a solution?
Did they offer references?

Q. How much will it cost me to resolve my tax problem?
A. Although we know that is a major concern, we will not know until we make a complete assessment of your situation. If
we don’t know what the problems are, we won’t know what to do to fix them. We will assess your situation for free, give you a written contract and quote and back it up with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

No other tax firm will do that!!

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